Café au Lä®

Protection and comfort for your restaurant guests

Café au Lä® is the easily adjustable windscreen for restaurant terraces. Guests can decide the height they want of the windscreen, whether they want to have an intimate atmosphere or want to be a part of what is going on outside. 

Adjust the heightMade from aluminum, the standard design is equipped with laminated safety glass, both in the lower fixed part and in the height-adjustable part.

Café au Lä® is available in several variants that all can be combined in the same installation. As a fixed railing, as height adjustable windscreen, with fixed overhead glass or as SPLITT for a complete glassed-in terrasse or balcony.

Café au Lä® is tested for wind load and personal safety including heavy impacts by the SP – Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Café au Lä® is also CE marked according to EN 1090 and thereby approved for installation on balconies and terraces where there is a risk of falls and injuries.

Open terrace or glassed-in restaurant? With Café au Lä® you can have both.

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SPLITT is a version of height adjustable glazing for environments where you can attach the glazing upwards against a ceiling, balcony, pergola etc. It is fully compatible with standard Café au Lä® and can be integrated in the same installation to get the optimal solution. 

Tech Specs

Width Maximum 2200 mm per section*.
Refers to fixed railings and standard height adjustable screens. For SPLITT performance, see below.
*Note that the maximum width might be affected based on the conditions of wind load in the area and the installation height.
Height Standard heights (lowered position/raised position):
• 800/1300 mm
• 900/1500 mm
• 1000/1700 mm
• 1100/1900 mm
• 1200/2100 mm (maximum width 2000 mm)
For the U.S. market, available heights are also:
36/60”, 42/72” (max. width 86”), 46/80” (max. width 80”)
Thickness 90 mm
Overhead fixed glass Standard overhead fixed glass is delivered with extended posts to be attached on the existing glazing but it is also available without side posts. Attachment is made on the sides and/or upwards to, for example, ceiling or pergola.
SPLITT SPLITT is a version of height adjustable glazing for environments where you can attach the glazing upwards against a ceiling, balcony, pergola etc. With SPLITT you get a complete glazing with maximum opening area thanks to the two movable panes that open both upwards and downwards.
Widht SPLITT Maximum 2700 mm
Height SPLITT Maximum 3500 mm
Glass 5 mm laminated glass in the moving parts and 6 mm laminated glass in the fixed parts in standard performance. Frosted or patterned foil, grey glass or other materials is available as an option.
Surface coating Satin anodized aluminium is standard. Available as an option is powder coated in white, black or any standard RAL colour.
Installation There are several types of feet for installation. There are also several connectors for corner and wall attachment. All connectors and feet are made of stainless steel.
Options Interval locking at optional height.
Lock with key for lowered and/or raised position.
Manufactured by Svalson AB, Sweden