We are working to promote a better environment

The environment has always been important to us here at Svalson and we have been working actively on environmental issues for over 35 years. Above all, you will note the long service life of our end products. The sliding windows produced when Svalson first started up over 35 years ago are still in use today. We can still supply spare parts or updates for everything we have produced, if needed.

At Svalson we are continuously working to improve both our products and the way we produce them. We strive to always use the best-known eco-friendly technology and the best-known eco-friendly materials in everything we produce. Our products are recommended by SundaHus and have been assessed and approved by Byggvarubedömningen.


Maud Spencer
Managing Director



Environmental policy
Svalson AB manufactures and sells high-quality electrically-operated sliding windows. Our objective is to minimise the environmental impact of our activities and achieve continual improvement by:

  • reducing consumption of energy, raw materials and natural resources.
  • working towards increased reuse and recycling of the waste products generated by our activities and generally reducing the amount of waste.
  • reducing the risk of dispersion of hazardous substances into the air, ground and water

 This objective will be achieved by means of:

  • an efficient environmental management system that lives up to the requirements of ISO 14001.
  • applicable environmental legislation, associated ordinances and other requirements.
  • a safe and healthy workplace where we educate and motivate our employees to achieve a high level of expertise within the environmental field.  
  • setting environmental requirements for suppliers and contractors associated with our activities to achieve the least possible environmental impact.
  • cooperation and communication with our stakeholders with regard to our efforts to promote a better environment.
  • carrying out environmental impact assessments for all technical, product and business development.

This is how we take responsibility for the environment and continuously work towards sustainable development.