About svalson

It all began with an aching shoulder...

It was 1981. An architect got in touch with our small family company to ask if we could produce a sliding window that didn’t need to be opened and closed manually. Repeated actions like this can cause strain on the body, and they had a receptionist who was suffering from a pain in their shoulder as a result.

The first generation of Svalson’s management team invented and developed a sliding window with integrated electric motor. All went well. The architect was happy. And so was the receptionist. And we realised that our innovation could become something really big.

Staying one step ahead
This was in 1981. Svalson is still a family-owned company, but it’s now in the hands of the second generation. Those who work here tend to stay with the company. Our staff turnover is practically nil. Our way of staying in first place – and maintaining our advantage – is to employ more people to bring in new knowledge and become better for every assignment we carry out.

Our workforce now numbers almost forty. Although we have grown over the years, Svalson is still a small company, where decisions are made quickly, where the management team actively works on projects and with an award-winning organisational structure. 


It’s all about custom design
In case you were wondering: Yes, our very first electrically-operated sliding window is still in use. At the same time we have developed our products over the years. Third-party-rated sliding windows are now available, both bulletproof and fire-rated. No two products are exactly identical when it comes to colour, functions and dimensions. Every sliding window is custom designed based on the assignment and your specific requirements. We also produce protective height-adjustable windscreens for restaurants and domestic use.